Toyota Presents Why Distracted Driving is a Bad Idea in Cartoon Short

By Jacob Brown | December 18, 2013
Distracted drivng. Whether texting, fumbling with an infotainment system, shaving, putting on makeup, it can take many forms. But it all generally creates the same net result: An inattentiveness to wielding a heavy, powerful four-wheel device down the road that could cause harm instantly with misuse. Toyota has partnered with TED Talks--you know, that motivational speech host--to create an awareness video. Part of Toyota's distracted driving awareness program that's involved in its Teen Drive 365, the short cartoon illustrates just how dangerous multitasking can be. In fact, let's just come right out and say it: Don't, or minimize it if you can't manage otherwise. We think this video isn't too preachy and does a great job of getting its point across. In addition, on TED's site, there's a helpful mini test to keep you on your feet. Watch the video below and then head to TED. We think you'll learn something from it, even if you've heard this spiel thousands of times before.
Source: Toyota via TED