2015 Chevrolet Corvette to Feature Industry-First Performance Data Recorder

By | January 08, 2014
At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Chevrolet announced a way Corvette owners can record high definition video of their ventures on the track or on the road and share this media with others. The Performance Data Recorder will be available when the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette launches in the third quarter of this year. The system features three parts, one of which is a 720p high-definition camera mounted within the windshield header trim of the Corvette. Based on its position, the camera is able to record the road through the driver's point of view. It is also capable of receiving audio through a microphone in the cabin. The second feature includes a GPS receiver, which is five times faster than a car's navigation system, and records key information including engine speed, transmission gear selection, braking force, and steering wheel angle. The final piece of the puzzle is an SD card slot located in the glove box that allows for recording and transferring the data. While an eight-gigabyte memory card can hold 200 minutes, a larger card can hold over 13 hours of recording in the Vette. Once completed, drivers can view their video on the Corvette's eight-inch color display or on a computer. For further editing, the PDR data can be opened in the "Cosworth Toolbox" software that gives the video a more professional touch.
Drivers can even choose the way they display their data with three different modes. Track Mode shows the maximum amount of data on the screen, including speed, rpm, and a number of other metrics. Sport Mode shows less information; Touring mode shows no data; and Performance mode focuses on 0-60 times and ¼ miles. We test drove the 2014 Corvette a few weeks ago and were sad this feature wasn't yet available. At least that gives us an excuse to bring in the 2015 version later this year… Source: General Motors