Mulally to Stay with Ford Through 2014

By | January 08, 2014
Rumors have been circulating about Alan Mulally leaving Ford to become Microsoft's new leader, but all speculation has been cleared as Mulally told The Associated Press that he doesn’t plan on leaving the automaker before the end of the year. Since Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, planned to step down from his position back in August, many believed that Mulally was on the list of potential replacements. Mulally went on the record in a recent interview to clear up the rumors. "I would like to end the Microsoft speculation because I have no other plans to do anything other than serve Ford," he said. Mulally has been a major asset to Ford in recent years, and is credited with not only making the company profitable, but also stopping the in-house executive fighting. With Mulally pulling out of the Microsoft race, Ford stocks saw a slight increase in after-hours trading, while Microsoft's stock took a dip. Under the care of Mulally, Ford shares have doubled, and the automaker has earned around $32.9 billion in pretax profit. This year looks to be less profitable than previous years as the company plans to launch 23 vehicles worldwide, but Mulally believes that these results will be "absolutely consistent with us investing even more in the enterprise from long-term profitable growth." Source: The Associated Press