Audi Stretches Q Platform with New Models

By | January 23, 2014
Last week at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Audi unveiled the Q3, a subcompact SUV expected to be available this fall for the 2015 model year. Along with this model, Audi is planning to produce more models in the Q lineup, including small crossovers and larger SUVs. The Q1 is already confirmed and planned for 2016, and will be based off the MBQ platform. According to a statement made by Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg at the Detroit Auto Show, the Q lineup has "lots of potential." The automaker will be building the new Q1 in Germany, while production of the next-gen Q5 will be moved to Mexico. Audi is starting off small with new models in the Q lineup, but has plans for larger models in the future. "We can go up after that [with a Q8 or Q9] and can also go in-between our current Q cars with a model between the Q3 and Q5 or one between the Q5 and Q7. These are projects we are discussing and working on. You can go sportier with Q cars but you can also be ore MPV-like with more seats," said Hackenberg. "The Q6 is a theory for this." With a new design direction, Audi will create a noticeable difference between all of the current and potential Q models, after receiving criticism that they are too much alike. Quattro design language will emphasize the Audi all-wheel drive heritage, and while they may be hard to identify without badging, Audi hopes to draw attention to the capability through more distinct styling. Source: Autocar UK