Audi Trademarks Hint at Future Models

By Matthew Askari | January 02, 2014
Audi has registered a few names, and if history is an indicator, these could be upcoming models. According a report in the UK's Autocar, the trademark registrations and applications include names such as the SQ2, SQ4, Q9, and "F-tron." Audi has long said it plans to expand its lineup, and BMW appears to be doing the same, often with the two sharing competing vehicles. The SQ2 signals the possibility the performance version of an more compact crossover, one that Audi may have previewed in the Crosslane Coupe in 2012. Similarly, the SQ4 is thought to be a rivaling model to the likes of the Range Rover Evoque, a car that has spearheaded sales for Jaguar Land Rover since its launch just two years ago. The Q9 could imply a larger SUV than Audi's Q7, though such a model would likely be further down the line, and possibly with a hybrid powertrain to help with fuel economy. The last model name, "F-tron," follows in the path of the E-tron, and hints that Audi's fuel-cell future could be a reality. Audi's ex-technical chief has mentioned that a fuel cell vehicle was in development, and it's likely F-tron would be the nomenclature used to signify the Ingolstadt luxury automaker's fuel cell models. We'll be continually following up with Audi in regards to its future lineup and range, and bring details as they become available.
Source: Autocar