Ford Releases New Apps for Sync AppLink

By | January 07, 2014
During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ford unveiled new apps, including the first-ever voice-activated, mood-based music listening app. Gracenote developers have used the Ford Sync AppLink API to provide drivers with the HABU Music App that enables them to use simple voice commands to choose music based on their moods. Drivers using the new music app for the iPhone will be able to comb through their entire music libraries to find a playlist for their mood without needing the song or artist names. "It's great to see our partners and developers achieving success with the Ford developer program and demonstrating the ease of integrating AppLink into apps like HABU," said Julius Marchwicki, global product manager for Ford Sync AppLink, in a recent statement. To use the new app, drivers simply press the Sync button on the steering wheel and say a command like "Play Upbeat." The app recognizes 25 moods by taking advantage of the metadata provided by Gracenote to analyze the music and groups songs based on similar characteristics. Some moods recognized by the app include excited, rowdy, aggressive, sensual, cool, easygoing, romantic, energizing, peaceful, somber, empowering, along with synonyms for each.
In the same vein, Ford also introduced parking apps to help drivers find and pay for parking spaces in advance. With Parkopedia, drivers will be able to locate available parking spots and receive pricing information. As with the other app, this all happens through voice commands, eliminating distractions that may be caused by fiddling on a smartphone. Another app, Parkmobile, helps drivers pay for a parking space with an on-file credit or debit card. Source: Ford