Ford SYNC Applink Download Available on 3.4 Million Vehicles

By Matthew Askari | January 03, 2014
Ford will make its Sync Applink download available to a much broader audience, the automaker is announcing ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. The Ford Sync in-car connectivity system has been an ongoing learning process for the automaker, as infotainment systems continue to evolve, and customer expectations continually change; now that system will be available to 3.4 million vehicles later this year, on 2010 Ford model year vehicles and after.
"Ford was the first to bring affordable and widely available advanced connectivity features to the market starting with SYNC, putting Ford firmly on the map as a technology company," said Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product Development, in a statement. "With the rapid pace of mobile and digital innovation, our goal is to move the bar yet again, leveraging emerging technologies and the flexibility of the SYNC platform to enhance the ownership experience for customers."
The Ford Sync Applink allows users to access and control smartphone apps including TuneIn, NPR, and iHeartRadio by using voice commands. Users can access about 60 applications on both iOS and Android operating systems without having to press anything or look down from the road. Additionally, Ford has created a new organization, its Global Digital Marketing group, to accelerate the goal of connecting customers to their vehicles. Our editors have had mixed reviews of Ford Sync, but believe the focus towards developing and improving the in-car connectivity experience is a step in the right direction.
Source: Ford