Jaguar May Debut Turbo Four-Cylinder, All-Wheel Drive F-Type

By | January 31, 2014
We fell in love with the 495-horsepower V-8 F-Type sports coupe when we took it on a test drive a few months back. Now new reports suggest Jaguar is expanding the F-Type lineup with a turbocharged four-cylinder, all-wheel-drive version. Autocar reported possibly seeing a Jaguar F-Type cabrio in disguise with the four-banger under the hood. According to the report, the model has a revised bonnet and a new raised center section. It is also equipped with a prototype exhaust system designed for the new model. Jaguar made history with the F-Type, which became the brand's first sports car in 40 years. This car is available in both V-6 and V-8 iterations that produces between 340 and 495 horsepower, providing buyers with a range of options. Now perhaps Jaguar is making even bigger history with the new four-banger F-Type, which would be Jaguar's first four-cylinder sports car ever.
To some, the words "four-cylinder" and "sports car" should not share the same sentence, but we think that the new engine will be capable of squeezing out a lot of horsepower and torque. And we can't forget the other great four-cylinder sports cars out there, including the Audi TT, Mazda MX-5 Miata, and Mercedes-Benz SLK250. Source: Autocar