Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Says Future Cars Will Be Cheaper, Self-Driving

By Jacob Brown | January 31, 2014
So what's the car of the future going to look like? If you ask Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, it's going to be a dramatic departure from what we know today. In a statement written by Ghosn at the World Economic Forum, the CEO says that cars will move in several very distinct directions. First, autonomous cars will happen, as Nissan is vastly expanding its efforts in order to provide a more active role in preventing collisions. Already, we've seen a self-driving Nissan Leaf experimental car, and Infiniti's Direct Adaptive Steering lends itself to full computer control, allowing more accidents to be prevented, much to the chagrin of driving enthusiasts. Nissan says that green energies will also make electric cars more efficient and help clear congestion and smog in major metropolitan areas. As automakers move towards electric cars, so, too, will big cities be freed of their pollution so long as they use hydroelectricity to power them. Some countries like China use coal, which can actually be a bigger pollutant for an electric car than a conventional gas-powered car burning petroleum.
But in many countries, electric cars are still too expensive. Ghosn sees many developing countries still enduring too many fatalities because of cars that aren't as safe as those in their First World neighbor's countries. Ghosn sees cars like his company's new Datsuns sold in Russia and Asia hopefully bringing new technology to the masses. The automotive industry is a diverse one. And it will continue to move forward as safety and technology become cheaper to bring to the masses. Follow the link to read Ghosn's full remarks. Source: Nissan