Scion Celebrates 10 Years with New Image

By | January 21, 2014
Now in its tenth year, Scion has decided to revamp its image. Previously marketed to Generation Y, Scion was the gritty, edgy, urban brand that was affordable and was backed up by the reliability of its parent company, Toyota. Scion needs to push to new heights to keep customers, especially with the changes to the demographic. Scion has agreed to alter its marketing strategies as well as product-planning to produce vehicles that are more likely to catch the eye of the Gen Y buyer. "A lot of our early stuff was menacing and sinister, and that appealed to an edgy, cynical consumer. Today's Scion buyers want a little more daylight, a little less Gotham. We still have to differentiate our brand from Toyota, but it needs more positivity," said Doug Murtha, Scion vice president, in an interview at the Detroit Auto Show. The brand wishes to stay in the entry level market, and while some models will be in the $20,000-plus price range, keeping low starting points will continue to bring in younger buyers. Models like the FR-S and tC continue to bring in new customers, while models like the iQ have been a disappointment. Although there will be no new models within the next few years, dealers are sticking with the brand in hopes that it will turn around.
One of the main missions for Scion was to introduce new buyers to the Toyota family, and over the past ten years, the brand has managed to do just that with a new-to-Toyota customer ratio of 74 percent. That number dropped last year to 65 percent, mainly due to the fact that many customers are buying new Scion models rather than moving on to a Toyota or Lexus model. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)