Toyota Under Fire for Flammable Seat Fabric

By | January 30, 2014
Toyota has recently come under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as six of its most popular models offer seat fabric on heated seats that isn't up to flammability standards. Although no fires or injuries have been reported, Toyota is in the process of counting the number of vehicles that may be involved in a massive recall. Certain 2013 and 2014 Camrys, Camry Hybrids, Avalons, Avalon Hybrids, Corollas, Siennas, Tundras, and Tacomas with seat warmers made since August 2012 are affected by the issue, Toyota said. Toyota is now asking its North American dealers to stop selling affected models. Over the last few years, Toyota's reputation for producing quality products has suffered thanks to a number of large recalls for brakes, accelerators, and floor mat defects. Along with this, the automaker has been slow announcing the recalls and has been fined and faces lawsuits. Hearings are still being held in regards to unintended vehicle acceleration for Camry models that resulted in a crash.
The NHTSA is debating whether or not to call a recall on the vehicles already sold, but it's expected that the potential recall will affect thousands of units. Toyota is currently the top automaker in global vehicle sales, and to avoid more issues with the NHTSA in relation to product defects and recalls, the automaker has promised to be quicker when implementing and announcing recalls, as well as be more careful when developing and producing new products. Source: Detroit Free Press, Automotive News