Video: Amazon Ships Nissan Versa Note?

By Matthew Askari | January 30, 2014
Call it a clever promotional idea from both Nissan and Amazon, but a recent video showing a 2014 Nissan Versa Note being delivered to an customer after ordering the car online, is as believable as it is outrageous. We've gotten used to being able to order almost anything through the internet, so why not our second biggest purchase? Well, for starters, as Tesla found out last year, there's that pesky car dealership network that exists that'd you'd have to bypass, which is easier said than done. The idea even caught GM's attention, which looked to emulate some of the success Tesla did have in a few states with online sales. Anyhow, while we don't think it will be we'll see Amazon selling new cars as part of its broad product offerings anytime too soon, it's not a stretch to think that could be a possibility in a few years. Would you order a car online? Will Amazon be shipping cars regularly one day? While you chew on those thoughts, you can watch the video below to see what exactly we're talking about.