2015 Audi TT Teased Ahead of Geneva Motor Show: Do You Care?

By Jacob Brown | February 28, 2014
Find anyone who appreciates a good sports car, and he or she will espouse elation for the idea of the Audi TT. It's a small, all-wheel drive, and has some of the freshest styling out there, despite having been on the market in its second generation since 2006. It's even respectably priced at around $40,000 for starters. But in the 2013 sales year, Audi amassed just 2,053 new shoppers in the U.S. for its smallest sports car. Sure, we may all be enamored with the idea of the car, but money speaks a lot louder than words. Still, Audi is pressing on with a third generation of the car, previewed in the 30-second clip the brand just posted on YouTube. From what we can tell, our assertions that the Detroit Auto Show's Audi Crossover Concept was a preview of the next TT appear to be correct. That said, it looks to be more of the same as the current car, only larger.
Audi hopes you care. Of course, with all of the other little German sports cars it competes with escalating well over the $50,000 price mark, you might, eventually. The 2015 Audi TT will share Volkswagen's new MQB architecture with everything from the Volkswagen Golf to the eventual three-row crossover to be built in North America. Expect its powertrains to follow closely to the current car's, albeit updated with the rest of the VW range. And, of course, all-wheel drive will still be found across its lineup. Audi designed the original TT with fervid excitement. Kia's now head designer Peter Schreyer penned the model in 1995 for 1998 production, and it was unlike anything else. Now, it doesn't look like it's moved forward too much, and the teasers aren't making the car seem much different. We like the Audi TT, or at least the idea of it. But will the 2015 TT garner any more people who like-like it enough to buoy sales? We'll let you know when we see it in the sheetmetal next month. Source: Audi