Aston Martin Looks to Maintain Identity amid Mercedes-Benz AMG Partnership

By Matthew Askari | February 04, 2014
Aston Martin will look to keep its well crafted identity intact, despite a deal with Mercedes-Benz--and its AMG performance arm--that includes sourcing AMG-produced engines for the famed British automaker. It's unclear exactly what the deal will mean for future Astons like the V12 Vantage S we recently pushed to the limit, but a new report in the UK's Autocar suggests Mercedes-Benz's involvement will be "subtle and low key."
However this may be a case of Mercedes pleasing its future business partner, by making additional sales, receiving additional clout by teaming with a lauded name such as Aston Martin, while at the same time not wanting to jeopardize the relationship by suggesting Aston buyers were receiving a Mercedes-Benz in different garb. And for an automaker as small as Aston Martin, the need to partner with a major player like Mercedes to cut production costs and maintain high margins on relatively small volumes, is essential. Throughout the process, Aston will need to maintain its unique character, and it seems Mercedes is very aware of this.
Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz, told Autocar Aston buyers wouldn't see AMG badges on the engines or anywhere on the cars, adding "a subtle involvement is better for us. Our customers will know about it without us making too much of the link. That is enough for us." Zetsche added that it wouldn't have any involvement in future product plans, just that it was going to "share engines and electrical components." There is speculation that Aston could use or rely on Mercedes-Benz for its future vehicle architecture, but nothing has been decided or announced on that front. Source: Autocar