Audi Sets Aim on Tesla Model X

By | February 04, 2014
Audi previously announced that it had plans to expand its Q lineup to include smaller crossovers and larger SUVs, and the automaker recently announced that one model in particular will be gunning for the Tesla Model X. To fight the electric vehicle powerhouse that is Tesla, Audi has approved the production of a Q8 e-tron, using the battery and electric powertrain technology from the upcoming R8 e-tron supercar. Tesla will be launching its all-new model later this year, but the new Audi isn't expected to arrive until 2017. The German automaker has plans to produce the Q8, which will be derived from the 2014 Q7. This new model is expected to be powered by two gas-powered V-6 engines as well as a diesel V-6 and a diesel V-8, along with a twin-turbo V-8. Two hybrid models may also be produced, but Audi has yet to say anything to confirm that.
We expect that the new Audi Q8 will offer a large battery pack that is at least equal to what Tesla, if not better considering the technology should be developed further by the time the Q8 e-tron eventually launches. Audi believes that there will be a demand for luxury vehicles that achieve zero emissions, and with more models like the Q8 e-tron, Audi will be right on track to meet said demand. Source: Automobile Magazine, Autocar UK