BMW Expands Production of Mini Cars to the Netherlands

By | February 19, 2014
BMW Group will start building Mini cars in the Netherlands, helping the brand to increase its limited production capacity. The new Mini Hatch will begin production in the Netherlands in summer 2014, the automaker reported this week. The production of this car in the Netherlands will complement Mini's main production hub in Oxford, England. Mini is to become the only automaker to mass produce vehicles through a contract production in the Netherlands. Its contract manufacturer is VDL Nedcar in Born, Netherlands. The increased production capacity is part of the BMW Group's global sales strategy. The company hopes to reach target sales of over 2 million Mini vehicles by 2016.
“The MINI brand is showing substantial growth. This is why we need additional, external production capacity on top of the capacity of the MINI plant in Oxford which stands at about 260,000 units per year in the medium term," said Harald Krüger, head of production for BMW Group, in a recent statement. Although sales are growing, Mini's plan to reach 2 million cars seems ambitious. In 2013, Mini produced a total of 303,177 vehicles, including production in Oxford, Austria, and elsewhere. This year, the new plant in Netherlands is expected to reach a production volume in the five-digit range, with around 1,500 people employed to build the new Mini Hatch. Source: BMW Group