Buy Groceries Online, and Volvo Will Have Them Delivered to Your Car

By | February 20, 2014
The next time you feel lazy for ordering food to your house, don't. Volvo announced what it calls "the world's first delivery of food to the car," a new service available via the automaker's new digital key technology. In a nutshell, buyers can order goods online, and once the goods are ready for delivery, buyers will be informed on their smartphone or tablet. In the process, they authorize a delivery person to open the car via a digital key. Once the pickup or drop-off is complete, the digital key no longer works. This is all well and good, but it begs the question, "Why?" This feature helps demonstrate the capabilities of the Volvo On Call telematics app, which offers a range of services designed to help drivers stay connected to their cars when they are away from their cars. One popular feature is remotely heating or cooling the car so that it reaches the perfect temperature once the driver is ready to get in.
As for the food delivery service itself, while it may seem ridiculous, there are some key advantages. In a pilot program, 92 percent of people surveyed found it more convenient to receive deliveries to the car than to the home. “By turning the car into a pickup and drop-off zone through digital keys, we solved a lot of problems delivering goods to people, not places," said Klas Bendrik, Group CIO at Volvo Car Group, in a recent statement. "The test customers also indicated that the service clearly saved time. And there are benefits for delivery companies as well because failed first-time deliveries generate significant costs for companies." He said the company will continue to investigate the future of digital key technology. Source: Volvo