Ford Designers Use Tape During Vehicle Design Process

By | February 11, 2014
Have you ever wondered how automotive designers get those perfect lines along the body of a vehicle? It turns out that tape isn't just for wrapping presents anymore. Ford designers have implemented tape when shaping new vehicles, which helps them detail exactly where they want specific design elements and angles to appear. Designers start out with a big hunk of clay, molding and shaping it into what eventually starts to look like a car, and through this process, they place tape to show off the different lines. "From the beginning, we need to focus on creating the right structural lines--the skeleton of the car. Then our job is to tailor the vehicle body to enhance the figure. This is a process of editing every single line to find the perfect balance of concave and convex angles. We achieve this on the clay model, and tape is what we use to decide which lines to move," said Kemal Curic, Ford exterior design manager, in a recent statement. When trying out new design languages, the tape acts as its own language as it brings added precision to the sculpting process. Even with the latest 3D technology, the image isn't as precise and can't be duplicated on the screen. To show off the process, Ford made a video detailing the molding design process, showcasing how the designers use the tape. Check it out below. Source: Ford