Honda Accord Tops Retail Sales in 2013

By | February 21, 2014
Honda says its Accord was the best-selling car among individual buyers in 2013, citing new vehicle registration data by Polk. Honda managed to sell 366,678 units of its midsize sedan, according to its sales records, with most of these sales coming from retail customers. While Toyota actually sold more Camrys overall (408,261), many of these were fleet purchases. In pure retail sales, Accord moved 360,089 units, compared to 342,007 Camrys. The compact Honda Civic car beat out the Toyota Corolla in both retail and total sales. In total, Civic sales rose 5.7 percent to 336,180, over the Corolla's 293,177.
Honda's core products—Accord, Civic, and CR-V—together posted retail sales of over 1.11 million units in 2013, Honda reports. This is up 8.4 percent from a year ago. The company says each of these three products topped retail sales in their respective segments. Each garnered sales from more than 300,000 individual car buyers in the U.S. The perennial battle between Honda and Toyota will only get fiercer. Toyota is expected to refresh its Camry sedan for the 2015 model year, which may help it gain traction over the all-new Accord. And other automakers are quickly entering the fray. The Mazda6, Kia Optima, and Ford Fusion are snatching up buyers once secured for Toyota and Honda. Many of these consumers are also entering the entry-level luxury category, which has become more affordable than ever. Source: Honda, Automotive News