Honda Accord Under Investigation for Alleged Airbag Problem

By | February 04, 2014
U.S. safety regulators are currently investigating airbags on 2008 Honda Accord vehicles after receiving 28 complaints from consumers. The complaints allege that side curtain and torso airbags on the midsize sedan models have deployed unintentionally on various occasions. Many of the complaints allege that the airbags went off right after one of the front doors was shut. One complaint said the airbags deployed when the car was parked overnight in a garage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has logged two injuries allegedly resulting from the sudden deployment of airbags in these vehicles. Right now, NHTSA is trying to determine the scope and frequency of the problem. The agency has thus opened a preliminary evaluation that covers around 363,000 Accord sedans. This action is the first step that may lead to a vehicle recall. We will keep you informed when and if this happens.
In a recent statement from NHTSA, the agency revealed that Honda and its luxury Acura brand ranked third among all automakers for the most recalls reported in 2013. It recalled around 2.8 million vehicles in a number of campaigns last year, below only Toyota and Chrysler Group. Source: NHTSA