Jeep Cherokee Not Recommended by Consumer Reports, Is the New Model Worth Buying?

By | February 12, 2014
Consumer Reports declined to recommend the 2014 Jeep Cherokee after the small crossover scored too low in testing. Describing the all-new model as "half-baked," the magazine came down hardest on the base engine version. It commented that the 184-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine was neither fuel-efficient nor powerful. The "unrefined" and "clunky" all-new nine-speed transmission was also a point of contention with Consumer Reports. It described the overall ride as "jittery," but did manage to praise the Cherokee's quietness and advanced infotainment system. "As a small SUV with serious off-road and towing capability, Jeep's small Cherokee could be a contender if ti weren't so underdeveloped and unrefined," the magazine wrote. "It just doesn't get the fundamentals right for everyday use."
Overall, the Cherokee has received mixed reviews from critics. When we drove the Cherokee a few months ago, we were actually fairly impressed with its luxurious nature, reasonable fuel economy, and fun driving experience. While the transmission can definitely use some fine-tuning, we came away satisfied with this vehicle. Despite all the feedback, the Cherokee is selling quite well. It has become one of Jeep's top-selling models in a short period of time, even beating out the Wrangler in many months. In a statement, Chrysler said, "On the whole, we're receiving very encouraging feedback on owner satisfaction and initial quality from the approximately 35,000 customers who bought a Cherokee in its first three months on the market." We will have to see if the Cherokee continues its positive momentum in the future. Source: Consumer Reports, Automotive News