Mini Previews Six-Door Clubman Concept Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

By Jacob Brown | February 26, 2014
With the 2014 Mini Cooper having just arrived, it's only a matter of time before the waterfall of other models in Mini's lineup arrive behind it. The first behind the Mini Cooper hardtop looks like it's going to be the Mini Clubman, previewed by this Geneva Motor Show-bound concept car. Most immediately, the starkest difference between this concept and the model that came before it is its door count. Like the 2013 and 2014 Mini Clubman, it retains barn doors in the back, along with squared-off proportions. But instead of carrying two standard doors for passengers plus a rear access door to the back seat, the new Clubman appears to have four full-size doors for people-carrying. That brings the count to six, which is an awful lot of square footage for such a diminutive car.
But at 6.7 inches wider and 10.2 inches longer than the current Mini Clubman, even the word "diminutive" is becoming subjective. A good portion of that added room is going towards making the rear-seat accommodations a little more tolerable.
Other changes to the Mini look and feel include Mini Paceman-style tail lights, new AirCurtains by the wheels to aid in wind flow, and a haptic infotainment system that should indicate where Mini is likely to go with its next generation of infotainment technology. A dual-pane moonroof finishes the look in addition to Cooper S-style dual exhaust outlets. Having driven the 2014 Mini Cooper and Cooper S, we were mightily impressed with the two subcompact cars, albeit we feel that they're growing up in refinement and amenities at some cost to the spunk they have had in past generations. Seeing as they cost just a few hundred dollars more than their predecessors, we expect the same to largely hold true for the Mini Clubman. We were told to look for something more concrete about the car around June, so we shall. In the meantime, check out the conceptual version in the picture gallery, and we should have more to share when it makes its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show in two weeks. Source: Mini