Nissan Debuts Smart Rearview Mirror That Doubles as LCD Monitor

By | February 28, 2014
Rearview cameras are becoming increasingly prevalent on new models, and in truth, they are essential safety features in any vehicle. Drivers who don't have this feature on their vehicles often use the rearview mirror to help them back up, but this doesn't provide a clear view of the road behind. Tall passengers or luggage in the back seat can further decrease visibility. To solve this problem, Nissan is introducing a new rearview mirror that also houses an LCD monitor to give drivers an unobstructed, high-resolution view out the back. This industry-first, according to Nissan, allows drivers to switch between a conventional rearview mirror and a backup camera display with the push of a button. The new feature will allow Nissan to further experiment with aerodynamic designs, said Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer in a recent statement. Traditionally, automakers have created wide rear windows to allow drivers to look behind while backing up, but the new cameras eliminate this need. Nissan will bring out the Smart rearview mirror to global markets starting in 2015. The first Nissan model to get this feature will be the ZEOD RC, which will race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Source: Nissan