Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Debuts at Chicago Auto Show

By Matthew Askari | February 06, 2014
The Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner concept truck has just debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. The big news here is Nissan's partnership with Cummins is being explored further, with Cummins supplying a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. With the engine, the midsize pickup can produce about 200 horsepower--and a large amount of low-end power--but the real bonus comes with the 35 percent increase in fuel economy over the gasoline-powered Frontier V-6. Nissan is calling the Frontier Diesel Runner a technical study project, meant to gauge interest in a diesel-powered Frontier truck. Beyond fuel-economy, the Cummins diesel version has greater hauling and towing capability. The project truck was designed by Nissan Design America in San Diego, CA in conjunction with the automaker's Atsugi, Japan Global Design Center. Exterior modifications include a custom paint treatment in three parts: a high gloss "Arrest Me Red" inspired by the Cummins' engine red; a raw "Matte Silver" meant to express the steel body-on-frame chassis foundation, and carbon fiber accents to signify performance and efficiency. Along with a chin spoiler, mesh grille, roof rack, and tailgate spoiler, is the full-bed tonneau cover. 16-inch wheels are borrowed from the Frontier PRO-4X, and get a special two-tone paint, while the brake calipers are meant to contrast the tire colors.
While the Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner is only a project truck, we could see Nissan dropping in a Cummins diesel engine into the mid-size Frontier. Diesel is expanding in America, and it might make the most sense in a pickup truck, especially with automakers continuing to offer more fuel-efficient cars. Source: Nissan