Photo of the Day: Acura has gone Spaceballs

By | Photos By | February 07, 2014
We recently had the 2014 Acura MDX in for evaluation and to snap some photos. The MDX was a great representation of the brand, and was a pleasure to shoot. The more angular lines of the Acura lend well to the camera and images. After getting back to the office and going through my shots, I was struck by the design of the MDX's center stack and how it resembled Rick Moranis' character from Spaceballs, "Dark Helment." It took a few minutes to figure out what it exactly reminded me of, and it hit me with a slight chuckle and a fond memory of how many times I've seen the movie. Too many! The similarity in their design is pretty obvious and hard to see after it has been pointed out.
I'm not saying that Acura used Spaceballs as a pool of inspiration to draw from when designing the MDX, but it is pretty funny when you think of it that way. Next time I'm in the MDX, I'll see if I can find any other design connections between the MDX and Mel Brooks' Spaceballs.