Porsche Set to Exceed 200,000 Sales Worldwide Three Years Ahead of Schedule

By Jacob Brown | February 12, 2014
How big can a car company get while still remaining an exclusive make, oozing with cachet? For Porsche, it's 200,000 units worldwide. Thing is, Porsche is set to exceed that mighty big number two years ahead of schedule, thanks in part to the highly anticipated 2015 Porsche Macan compact crossover SUV. Expected to make up more than 50,000 units, the vehicle is set to compete at the upper end against the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLK, and even its cross-company rival in the form of the Audi Q5 and sportier SQ5. Estimates for the Macan are being pegged at 45,000 units annually worldwide when the vehicle goes on sale in the second half of this year. As Porsche's current top-seller is the Cayenne SUV, which comes with a base price of just over $50,000, including destination and handling, it is expected that the mid-level Porsche Macan S with 340 horsepower will draw an even stronger demand for the same money. Porsche will not offer a base-level Macan in the U.S., at least initially.
While Porsche enthusiasts may be curling up into fetal position, lamenting the day that Porsche's SUVs and sedan far exceed sports car production, Porsche has a proud history of putting its badge on quirky vehicles, including diesel tractors in the 1950s. And then at the top end, Porsche still has its $845,000 flagship 918 Hybrid supercar, and there are plenty of high-performance cars in its lineup that will be far rarer and sportier than the new compact luxury SUV. Will the 2015 Porsche Macan catch on? We think so. It was one of our studs of the L.A. Auto Show, and we can't wait to drive it ourselves. Source: Bloomberg