Study: Millennials and Rental Cars

By | February 05, 2014
It seems like millennials have been making headlines over the past few months, with new studies coming out about their driving and car shopping habits, so why not one for how they decide on rental cars? Enterprise Holdings recently released a new survey on how millennials decided on specific rental vehicles. The survey was conducted by three web-based surveys in the last half of 2013. Each survey was crafted to address rental car-related topics, and the data was gathered by randomly chosen members of Enterprise's customer rental database. A total of 1,363 surveys were completed and screened for age, car ownership, and past rentals. Enterprise Holdings' Kurt Kohler, senior vice president, acquisition and remarketing, said in a recent statement that "millennial respondents were particularly influenced by the rental experience, indicating that car rental is one of the best ways to introduce an automotive brand to the next generation of new car buyers."
Other results from the survey showed that 68 percent of respondents were introduced to new automotive technology from car rentals, and that renters aren't happy with just any model. Millennials want to choose the vehicle they'll be driving off in, as the model says a lot about the driver. Also found was that 53 percent of renters age 25-34 selected rental cars based off their desire to try something new. Many rental experiences later went on to influence purchasing decisions. Source: Enterprise Holdings