Tesla CEO Elon Musk Confirms All-Wheel Drive Coming for Model S

By Jacob Brown | February 11, 2014
Tesla and its merry bunch of electric vehicle makers can't sit complacent for too long. Come on, there are vehicles like the $76,000 Cadillac ELR out there to compete for the dollars and sense of well-off greenies everywhere. So what is Tesla doing? Moving upward and onward, says company CEO Elon Musk. At a town hall meeting in Amsterdam, Musk answered questions from owners and shareholders alike, many of which focused on the future products coming from the company. Among the highlights, Musk said that all-wheel drive would be coming to the Tesla Model S sports sedan, likely around the same time it is to come to the Model X crossover. That means you can start expecting it to come around by April 2015 or so, and it will likely be a two-motor system similar to the Model X's.
Musk also spoke of a larger battery pack, slotting over the 85-kWh battery pack in the lineup, which is EPA-rated at 265 miles. Tesla is also looking at selling a more comfortable seat option--which is good since the back seat in a Model S is too low and the front seats are a tad on the flat and unsupportive side. And, finally, the Tesla CEO confirmed that new firmware would be coming in the next few weeks, offering real-time traffic updates and better suspension settings for the available air suspension. All of this should help keep the Tesla-hungry masses at bay until at least 2016 or so when the smaller Tesla Model E is scheduled to arrive. Check below for the full video. Source: Tesla via World Car Fans
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