Toyota Testing Wireless Charging System for Plug-Ins

By | February 13, 2014
The Toyota Prius Plug-In may need a new name soon. Toyota is testing a wireless car charging system that it hopes to bring to the market in the future. Owners with the new system will be able to simply park their electrified cars on a coil set installed into the ground. The car's Intelligent Parking Assist feature helps align the car in the charging space. Charging occurs through the magnetic resonance created by the changes in magnetic field intensity between a coil in the ground and a coil in the car. Not only does the cordless system keep things simple, it is also effective at its job. According to Toyota, charging is expected to take about 90 minutes with the new system, much faster than current technologies that can take up to several hours. Toyota is also working hard on safety. The automaker says the new system is designed to reduce power transmission inefficiencies between the coils. Toyota has worked to minimize electromagnetic interference with nearby equipment.
We still don't know exactly when Toyota will bring this to market, but we hope it will be soon. Toyota says the new technology will encourage the use of electric vehicles. Source: Toyota