2015 Ford F-150 First to Offer New LED Headlamps

By | March 18, 2014
There's always a game being played between automakers, with each trying to best the others in something, from fuel economy to power to technology, and everything in between. With the new 2015 F-150 on its way, Ford decided it wanted another 'best.' On the newest truck, Ford has implemented new LED headlamps that last five times longer, shine brighter, and are more efficient than conventional bulbs. Ford lighting expert John Teodecki and his team have created a new LED headlamp that will last as long, if not longer, than the life of the newest pickup. In a recent statement, Teodecki said, "Stand on it. This lens just won't break. We fire stones at it, expose it to extreme sun, soak it in saltwater, shoot rocks, rock salt and ice--this thing is very tough to crack." The F-150 will be the first light-duty pickup truck to use the LED technology, and further separating it from its competition is the way the headlamp is constructed. Semiconductor chips control the light, making them more durable and helping them last longer. Added to that, Ford created a unique lens that features 16 optical surfaces and 80 facets to spread the light evenly.
But Ford didn't just stop there. The automaker has made another industry-first with the implementation of a thin LED tube to create a signature appearance that can be spotted from a distance. "Remember the craze in the 1980s with truck light bars? It looks so cool. I'm telling you, this LED light tube is going to be the next big thing. Our new F-150 owners will be longing for dusk every day, just to show off their trucks in dramatic lighting," said Teodecki. We'll just have to wait and see if this new lighting catches on with customers. Source: Ford