Chevrolet Introduces Corvette Stingray Driving School

Did you buy the new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and want to get the most out of it? Chevrolet is now offering a two-day program for new Stingray owners through the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. For just $1,000--a $1,500 discount--owners will get to drive the Stingray on Spring Mountain's 2.2-mile road course. Ron Fellows, one of the most successful and versatile road-racing drivers in the U.S., said about the new program that "It's more than simply going fast and learning when to turn and apply the throttle. Mind speed and decision-making are key elements in the high-performance world, and our car control exercise and on-track training will help drivers improve their ability to process information quickly and accurately, resulting in a better coordination of eyes, hands and feet to improve their driving skill."
Only the original owners of the Corvette Stingray can take advantage of the discount, and it must be used within a year of purchase. Although owners don't have to bring their personal Stingray to the course, they are responsible for all travel and accommodations.
Tim Mahoney, chief marketing officer, global Chevrolet, said in a recent statement that "Through the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, they'll learn to make the most of its technologies and delve deeper into the Corvette's capabilities, resulting in a more exciting and fulfilling driving experience." Regardless if owners aren't experienced on the track, the school will offer three levels of driving, from novice to those for more seasoned drivers. If we bought a new Stingray, we'd be hitting up this offer to experience all the car has to offer. Source: Chevrolet