Chrysler Suspends SRT Viper Due to Slow Sales

By Matthew Askari | March 20, 2014
The SRT Viper is a 640 horsepower American sports car, but Chrysler will soon halt production due to slow sales. A new Automotive News report indicates Chrysler's Conner Avenue Assembly plant in Detroit will shut down the week of April 14 and reopen June 23. Ninety-one workers will also be laid off.
SRT brand president Ralph Gilles told our sister publication Automobile magazine the SRT Viper was never meant to be a mass production vehicle: "I don't know why the whole world is worried about Viper sales. It's an exotic… We're focused on exclusivity, it's not about cranking out a bunch of chocolates."
Despite the SRT head's outward comments, parent Chrysler must be somewhat dismayed at the lukewarm response thus far. While performance cars such as the SRT Viper sell better during the warm weather months, the 91 total sales in January and February is lower than original forecasts. On March 1, 2014, dealers reported a total of 756 vehicles unsold, a 412-day supply. As to the production halt, Chrysler said in a statement: "The ability to increase and decrease production at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant allows the company to continue our consumer's desire to keep these special cars exclusive." Source: Automotive News (subscription required)