First Datsun Go Deliveries Begin Today

Nissan kicked off the revival of its Datsun brand with the first car deliveries today in India. The Datsun Go hatchback is the first model the brand has produced in the 21st century. Featuring a small 1.2-liter engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission, the car is intended for urban transportation. The small hatch also has full air conditioning and a mobile docking station. Nissan says the Datsun will sell for below 400,000 rupees, which is roughly $6,500 in U.S. dollars. The Datsun Go is also set to go on sale in Indonesia, Russia, and South Africa. Sadly, the Datsun brand is not scheduled to return to the U.S. market. Although Datsun has a 100-year heritage, the brand didn't appear in the U.S. market until 1958. It managed to gain a loyal following until Nissan decided to strengthen the company under its namesake brand in the mid-80s. The change caused widespread confusion among the public and was blamed for the company's temporary decline in sales.
But many argue there is no case now for the brand returning to the U.S. Nissan provides a host of options, from the $12,000 Nissan Versa to its Infiniti lineup, satisfying a wide range of buyers. Check out the gallery for more pics on the Datsun Go. Source: Nissan