Ford Remembers William Clay Ford

By Matthew Askari | March 12, 2014
William Clay Ford Sr., the last surviving grandson of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford, passed away on March 9, 2014, at the age of 88. William Clay Ford is credited to help steer the automaker into the modern era as an employee, director, and influential member of the Ford family.
Ford was also the owner of the Detroit Lions and a notably a member of the Ford Motor Company board of directors for 57 years before his retirement from that position in 2005. In memory of William Clay Ford Sr., the automaker has released a short video, with photos of Ford throughout the years. There are also a few brief interview clips spliced in, including a memorable quote from a young Ford:
"We have found that the customer does not take to readily to a radical design change. He would much rather go through an evolutionary stage, so therefore we can't be too advanced in the car that we put on the road say next model year. We have to build up to it gradually." In an interview later in life, Ford also said when you reflect back on life, "you realize really what a good time you've had, and the things that you've seen that have been fun. It's fun to look back on." You can check out the video celebrating William Clay Ford Sr. below. ) Source: Ford