GM Hasn't Recalled All Defective Cobalts, Lawsuits Allege

By | March 25, 2014
General Motors recently recalled 1.6 million cars, including 2005-2007 Cobalt small cars, for faulty ignition switches. But two new lawsuits suggest that this recall may not be expansive enough to protect consumers. GM is facing two new lawsuits in the U.S. related to faulty key systems, focusing specifically on the Cobalt. A complaint made in San Francisco claims that the faulty switch problem also plagues 2010 Cobalts, which weren't covered under the massive recall. Meanwhile, a separate lawsuit in Alabama says that GM knew of defects with Cobalts built before April 2009. According to this suit, GM allegedly sent technical service bulletins to dealers informing them that the keys may "stick" or "bind" in ignition cylinders of Cobalts that so far have not been recalled. The keys may be difficult to remove from the switch, the claim says. New complaints have surfaced that design flaws could lead the driver to bump the key switch while the car is on. The driver's knee can turn off the key, they allege.
If these claims prove to have merit in court, GM may end up recalling many more vehicles than it originally intended. However, GM says that it has already identified all the models equipped with the faulty switches. GM says 12 deaths have been linked to the defects. Source: Bloomberg