Honda Civic Was Top-Selling Car in California for 2013

By | March 25, 2014
Home to 38 million people or about one of every eight Americans, California is the most populous state and also the largest car market in the U.S. So when Honda says that its Civic was the top-selling car in California last year, it is a pretty big deal. Individual car buyers in California bought 65,910 Civics in 2013, beating intense rivals in the industry. However, Honda is accounting only for retail customers, meaning that fleet and government sales aren't part of the equation. When looking at total sales in California, the Toyota Prius actually takes the cake. But considering how many Prius taxis we see around the Golden State, we know this car is a major purchase for companies. The Prius is the ultimate winner, symbolizing California's commitment to green technology. But Honda's accomplishment points to its ability to attract consumer spending, a good indicator of success in the industry.
"Our focus on individual buyers is unmatched in the industry, and reflects our commitment to Honda customers and the investment they make in our products," said John Mendel, executive vice president of automobile sales for American Honda. The Honda Civic was recently redone for the 2014 model year, helping it gain traction against rivals like the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus. It ranked as the top-selling compact car in the U.S. last year with sales of 336,180 units. While most buyers opt for the classic four-door, Honda also sells a two-door Civic as well as hybrid and compressed natural gas versions. Source: Honda