Replacement for Toyota Yaris to Receive Mazda Engine

By | March 07, 2014
The Toyota Yaris, outdated and fuel-inefficient, has seen better days. To bolster its position in the subcompact market, Toyota is partnering with Mazda in a big way. A new Toyota subcompact car will receive a Mazda Skyactiv engine when it goes into production alongside the Mazda2 in Salamanca, Mexico. The new engine promises better fuel economy and will be one of the few direct-injection engines available on Toyota cars. According to Automotive News, Toyota will still keep the sheetmetal on the new car all its own. Much of the interior design will also belong to Toyota, making it unique from the Mazda2. But Mazda will take care of actually producing the new Toyota car, allocating for 50,000 of them to be produced each year at the plant. The new Toyota car is slated to start production between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016.
Mazda's influence will likely help improve Toyota's staid image in a market filled with young buyers. The smaller Japanese automaker knows how to make fun-to-drive small cars that net high fuel economy. The slightly larger Mazda3, fully redesigned with Skyactiv technology for the 2014 model year, now achieves up to 41 mpg on the highway. Source: Automotive News