Toyota Aims to Dramatically Improve New York-Bound 2015 Camry

By Jacob Brown | March 31, 2014
What can be said of the Toyota Camry other than it's a bit on the milquetoast side. Okay, we're being generous. In a segment of quick-moving players, Toyota has sat on the sidelines, accumulating sales but losing market share. Its profits are down because the Camry has been heavily incentivized to keep its sales lead. In February, the Nissan Altima outsold it. So for 2015, the Toyota Camry is going under the knife. But unlike most mid-cycle refreshes, the 2015 Toyota Camry will reportedly be the recipient of multiple extensive upgrades. Like the 2014.5 Camry, it will have a new front structure that will allow it to ace the IIHS's new front-narrow offset crash test. And it will likely share the same basic structure all around. But the 2015 Toyota Camry will benefit from all-new, less boring styling that should align it better with the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata, and other midsize sedans that are markedly more exciting than much of their predecessors. Curiously, the 2015 Toyota Camry will be debuting on the same day as the 2015 Hyundai Sonata at the New York Auto Show, allowing the public to draw a direct comparison to what many see as the car that jumpstarted the midsize sedan segment's reinvigoration.
We expect that Toyota will go over its powertrain options in addition to its suspension, steering, and nearly everything else in the car. It may even get standard LED headlights after the cheaper Toyota Corolla did. But we don't have any details quite yet. For those, we'll be waiting for the dramatically restyled 2015 Toyota Camry to land on April 16. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)