Toyota Racing Unveils New TS040 Hybrid

For the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship, Toyota Racing has revealed the new TS040 Hybrid at the Paul Ricard circuit in the South of France. This new race car offers the most advanced hybrid technology in modern racing, and will make its competition debut at the season-opening Six Hours of Silverstone race on April 20.
With new requirements to use 25 percent less fuel than the 2013 race season, Toyota developed specialized lubricants and parts with official partner, Total. The team also engineered increased hybrid power thanks to a new motor-generator on the front axle in combination with the one at the rear. These new generators apply brake force, in combination with the mechanical brakes, to harvest that extra energy.
Toyota Motorsport (TMG) in Cologne, Germany, was responsible for the design, development, and manufacturing of the TS040 chassis, marking a major evolution in not only design, but in performance as well. Airflow was carefully managed around the car to reduce drag and improve fuel economy, as well as to increase downforce and grip.
The TS040 has already completed 12 days of testing, but will undergo further tests in preparation for its first race. The Toyota Racing team has shuffled up its drivers for its No. 7 and No. 8 cars, but the drivers are confident in the new model. Anthony Davidson, who will be behind the wheel of the No. 8 car, said in a recent statement that, "When I first saw the car, I was most impressed with the level of detail. The aerodynamics are very advanced and you can immediately see how much effort the team has put into this when you look at the car."
The new Toyota Racing TS040 Hybrid race car has the drivers already looking ahead to potential wins. According to Davidson, Le Mans "remains the main goal and the race I want to win." Source: Newspress UK