April Fool's Day Roundup: The Best Car Stuff Out There

By Jacob Brown | April 01, 2014
Because, let's face it, all you want for April Fool's Day is for Chrysler to tap into the myriad of brands it has under its trademark portfolio that will never see the light of day again. Although automakers have tons of "pranks" they pull every year, all you yearn for is an SRT AMC AMX redux. Hell, why not go for an SRT Lebaron? SRT Imperial. SRT Gremlin. SRT AMC Eagle SX/4. Even through some of us would get some semblance of satisfaction from acknowledging that an automaker could create a what's-old-is-new-again fake press release to get our attention, most automakers aren't that creative. Or they think that enthusiasts will buy into the brand so much that they'll forget it's just a made-up humor holiday. Therefore, many of them created half-baked April Fool's press releases that really fail to captivate more than a moment of attention. As one who enjoys April Fool's Day, we think most automakers ought to step it up. Below are some of the better releases from various automakers this year. Enjoy.

2015 Honda Fit "Fit Kit"

As believable as Bill Clinton in a perjury hearing, Honda offers customers the chance to build their own Fit subcompact hatch "with over 180,000 mechanical parts shipped to your door." We still found this one cheeky, charming, and worth the two minutes it took out of writing to watch.

Acura Celebrates 28 Years of Alphabetic Leadership

Thank you, Acura, for having the best sense of humor of the bunch this year. Acura has long been thought of as a name that the automaker picked back in 1986 to get at the top of the consideration list on many a site, directory, or magazine. The automaker is recognizing this, noting that it has been first in your automotive alphabetical reference for more than 28 years now. In reference to the 2015 Acura TLX, which debuts in production form this month at the New York Auto Show, Acura exec Michael Accavitti said, "We probably should have called it the A-TLX. But it's still a damn fine vehicle, even if it's not first in the yellow pages." If you're aware of Acura's struggles to gain market share in recent years, it makes this press release all the more funny.

Toyota Revives the Tercel

Toyota Tercel April Fools Day Sketch
Before the Yaris, the RAV4, and the subcompact crossover expected to come from Toyota in the next generation, there was the Toyota Tercel. Slotting below the Corolla, the Tercel was boxy, slow, ugly, and utterly indestructible. It gained a cult following for the fact that it came with all-wheel drive long before it was the "in" thing to do, and the car could be napalmed, dropped, flooded, and anything else you could think of doing, and it'd still run. Toyota has thoughtfully decided to "bring it back," at least for the holiday. With hideous lime green wheels. Like anything Japanese from the 1980s, the only thing that the Toyota Tercel couldn't survive was rust.

And as for the rest...

They're kinda lame, to be honest. We'd expect more creatively, more gumption, more chutzpah from the automakers. But no, not this time around. Understandably, GM is out of commission because joking around during a massive recall stint for the automaker could be a major faux pas. Nissan's attempt with a 370Z limo felt half-hearted. VW's doggy driving school wasn't particularly engaging. And a Mini Cooper T that could run on tea failed to wake us up. So there you have it: On a day when we'd sooner tell everyone that the Ford Taurus was being rebadged as an Edsel or that Lincoln was planning on building a flagship, rear-wheel-drive luxury car to compete against the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, or that Jimmy Fallon wasn't a paid spokesperson and hadn't planned to buy a Ford F-150 all along, we'd have but three seriously funny April Fool's pranks that got us to chuckle. Maybe the attempts will be better next year.