BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept First Look

Leave it to BMW to go bold. While other automakers make a few tweaks and call it "redesigned," BMW looks to make a big statement. The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept, debuting in Beijing, gives us an exciting look at what to expect on upcoming BMW cars. The new design concept features a larger, more prominent grille and innovative laser headlights, which are supposed to be about ten times as intense as LEDs. The car's long wheelbase, sharp body creases, and suicide doors enhance its sporty form. On the back end, the look is more bulbous than we've seen in previous cars from BMW.
Opening up the four doors reveals an interior with several layers of fine materials, including high-quality leather, wood, and carbon materials. Up front is an enormous cluster that wraps around most of the cockpit to provide critical vehicle information including speedometer and rev counter. This is only enhanced by a separate display on the right-hand side of the vehicle, which serves as an infotainment command center. A third viewpoint can be seen in the form of a head-up display, which projects information directly onto the driver's field of view. This helps provide real-time info on speed limits, traffic lights/signs, and road hazards. The touchscreen-centric cabin gives the car a more spacious feel without the cluttered look of buttons.
Hop into the backseat and find plenty of room for two passengers, who each get their own TV screen display. A detachable tablet also allows passengers to see information related to their trip. A retractable table and reclining seats increase comfort and functionality. But the big question is when will we see this come to market? As BMW suggested, the design elements used in this concept can be incorporated on a wide range of models in the future. However, it may also hint at a redesigned 7 Series or perhaps a completely new flagship. We will just have to wait and see. Source: BMW