Buick's 'Take Your Child to Work Day' Aids Research

By | April 25, 2014
Carsickness affects many kids, and even some adults. Throw in a DVD player in a moving car? That number seems to jump even higher. But Buick decided to take advantage of 'Take Your Child to Work Day' and use the kids as testers to aid in motion sickness research. Because of the diversity of children checking out what their parents do at Buick, the automaker can better evaluate how the entire family interacts with their vehicles. "Our group and research is very data-driven. Designing every element to a vehicle comes down to millimeters. While a door handle placement or seat switch might feel right to the designing engineer, we come in with data points from real consumer feedback, including kids, to help determine the best location," said Don Shreves, GM Human Factors engineering group manager, in a statement. This year, Buick was focusing on two key elements: third-row seat belts and placement of the rear DVD screen. For the seatbelts, the kids were asked to rate how easy it was to buckle up using a system of five smiley faces. To help with motion sickness, the kids were also asked for their opinions on the best position for the DVD screen. Thanks to this research, Buick concluded that the best solution was to keep eyes up to sick feelings at bay.
All this research, both past and present, has been compiled and has been integrated into the new Enclave's design. Source: General Motors