Drivers No Longer Fazed by High Gas Prices?

By | April 03, 2014
Are drivers finally willing to pay more at the pump? A new study by AAA suggests drivers are much more tolerant to this idea than they were just a year ago. According to the study, about two-thirds of drivers believe gas prices are too high when they reach $3.50 a gallon. However, the national average is currently $3.56, and as high as $3.99 in California. Even though drivers complain they are paying too much, fewer of them feel the need to change their driving habits to accommodate for the price hikes. Only 53 percent are taking some type of action to offset high gas prices. This is a huge percent drop-off from last spring, when 15 percent more people were making sacrifices. Of those who are doing something this year, 85 percent are combining errands or trips to save money while 84 percent are simply driving less. Many of those surveyed are also dining out less, delaying major purchases, driving a more fuel-efficient car, or working closer to home.
Gas prices have levelled off in recent years but remain a huge expense for many travelers. And while drivers are willing to shell out the money, they definitely aren't happy about it. “Many drivers grudgingly realize that paying more than $3.00 per gallon for gasoline is the new normal, but they remain frustrated with the price," said AAA President and CEO Bob Darbelnet. And which group of drivers is resisting the trend? Of the 1,011 people surveyed, young Millennials are significantly more likely to try and save gas in many ways compared to their older counterparts. Source: AAA