Ford Recalls Escape, C-Max, and Other Models

By | April 08, 2014
Ford is recalling nearly 435,000 vehicles in two separate campaigns. The first recall involves 2001-2004 Ford Escape vehicles that may experience corrosion on the front subframe, which carries the engine, transmission, and other key parts of the car. The corrosion may cause the lower control arm of the suspension to separate, and drivers could lose steering control. The issue only affects Escape models originally sold or currently registered in Snow Belt states where road salts are frequently used to melt ice during the winter. Ford says it is aware of one crash related to the issue, but no injuries. As a remedy, Ford dealers will install a reinforcement crossbrace on recalled models.
In a separate recall, Ford is taking back certain 2013-2014 Ford Fusion, Escape, and C-Max cars as well as Lincoln MKZ models. This Ford recall centers on faulty seatback frames that may not have been properly welded. As a result, the seatbacks fail to meet federal requirements and may increase the risk of injury in certain accidents. So far, no accidents or injuries have been reported from this issue. According to Ford, dealers will replace the seatback frames and associated parts on the recalled models. Source: Ford