Ford Transit Skyliner Concept Debuts

Based on the all-new Ford Transit, the Transit Skyliner Concept delivers an added sense of luxury to make it a private jet on wheels. Ford's latest concept, built by Galpin Auto Sports, offers customers four different experience modes for theater, business, travel, or reception. All one has to do is swipe their smartphone to change between the settings. This luxury coach is a truly customizable van that showcases just how versatile the Transit lineup can be to meet the needs of almost all customers. "Traveling in Transit Skyliner is an experience unlike any other. You step into the vehicle and are immediately immersed in the custom interior and high-tech audiovisual environment. The next thing you know, you are arriving at your destination," said Tim Stoehr, Ford manager for commercial truck marketing, in a statement. So what do the different modes offer?
When in theater mode, the seats face a 52-inch retractable Stewart movie screen, and for better viewing pleasure, the seats also recline. Switched into business mode and a motorized table unfolds with leather-trimmed seats gathered around for conversation. For the reception model, the sliding door will open 4 feet wide with the seats arranged for entertaining while parked. Think of it like a classy tailgate. And lastly, the travel mode lets passengers adjust their reclining seats and retractable footrests for the most comfort. Added to the customizable modes, Ford has also added a built-in bar, custom luggage compartments, and an entertainment system that features Focal Utopia 7.2 surround sound with French-made speakers, DirecTV, and a Kaleidascape media server. Powered by the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, the Ford Transit Skyliner Concept offers 487 cubic feet of cargo room, an interior height of 81.5 inches in the extended body high-roof model, and an exterior paint scheme to accent the chrome highlights and custom Forgiato wheels. Ford will debut the 2015 Transit Skyliner Concept later this month at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. Source: Ford