General Motors Overhauls Engineering Team

By | April 24, 2014
General Motors is restructuring its engineering team to better respond to safety and quality issues in the future. After the ignition switch recall linked to 13 deaths, GM is making a number of changes. Most recently, it has split its Global Vehicle Engineering team into two divisions: Global Product Integrity and Global Vehicle components. Ken Morris, current executive director of chassis development, and Ken Kelzer, GM's Europe powertrain chief, will lead each new segment, respectively. Former Vice President of Global Vehicle Engineering John Calabrese has chosen to retire. The new engineering team will use advanced tools and processes to flag potential safety issues earlier in the development process. They also promise to react quickly to problems once they occur, and to help GM vheicles deliver consistent performance across the lineup.
"A vehicle is a collection of 30,000 individual parts. Fully integrating those parts into cohesive systems with industry-leading quality and safety is key in this customer-driven business," said Mark Reuss, head of product development for GM. Along with new roles in the engineering team, GM also recently created a Global Vehicle Safety department. Jeff Boyer will head the division, which will be responsible for identifying safety issues and handling recalls. An additional 35 product investigators have been hired to assist the department. Source: General Motors