General Motors Seeks Lawsuit Protection

By | April 22, 2014
In the ever-continuing case of the General Motors ignition switch recall, the company has now filed a motion in the U.S. bankruptcy court asking for protection from claims that took place before the company emerged from bankruptcy back in 2009. The automaker still believes that "Old GM" is responsible, not "New GM." As of right now, GM is facing more than 50 class action suits and two individual action lawsuits across the country, which have been filed in more than 20 federal courts and two state courts. GM made a statement in relation to the latest filing, saying, "General Motors has taken responsibility for its actions and will keep doing so. GM has also acknowledged that it has civic and legal obligations relating to injuries that may relate to recalled vehicles, and it has retained Kenneth Feinberg to advise the company what options may be available to deal with those obligations." The motion filed by General Motors isn't looking for protection against those lawsuits involving injuries or accidents, but those that have been filed where no damages or injuries took place. Since the beginning of this mess, GM has since started repairing all affected vehicles. Thanks to the filings with the bankruptcy court, many judges have issued a stay on all proceedings related to the recalls, as they want to see how the bankruptcy court will rule. A panel is expected to meet late next month, but we're sure there will be more information between now and then. Source: Detroit News