GM Workers at Kentucky Plant Vote for Strike

By | April 10, 2014
Don't expect any Corvettes anytime soon, folks. This week, workers at the Bowling Green, Ky. plant--where Corvettes are assembled--voted in favor of a strike over lingering safety concerns. By an overwhelming majority, workers gave union leaders the go-ahead to issue a strike if needed, but Eldon Renaud, president of United Auto Workers Local 2164, believes everything can be resolved without a walkout. However, this strike doesn't come from safety and reliability issues with the vehicles themselves, but the danger the assembly equipment poses to the workers. According to Renaud, there have been "near misses" that could have caused serious injuries to the workers involved. Added to that, the union is worried that by getting rid of quality control positions, the plant's work will suffer. The Bowling Green plant was previously shut down last year to retool for Stingray production, and it looks like some of the equipment may not have been checked out before production started back up. While the new Stingray has been in dealers across the country since last fall, there haven't been any quality issues, even with concerns with the plant's equipment. Renaud told The Detroit News, "We're like everybody else, we're strike-shy. Nobody wants to have a strike. Who really benefits by it?" We certainly would love to see all these issues resolved in something other than a strike, and negotiations are currently underway between the union and new plant manager Jeff Lamarche. Source: The Detroit News