Infiniti and Poltrona Frau Create Leather-Loaded Special Edition Cars

By | April 10, 2014
Infiniti has partnered with Italian furniture designer and leather specialist Poltrona Frau to create two special edition models with a "good and evil" theme. And these cars are loaded with supple leather. The "good" Infiniti Q50 hybrid features a sparkling Zinco white exterior with a light blue contrast, a Frau signature. The model also features white wheels, a satin finish trim, and pure white leather everywhere. Contrasting with the "good" is the "evil" Infiniti QX70, which boasts an all-black theme and a mean V-8 engine under the hood. The leather in this model is black with contrasting dark red accents. The leather used in these models goes through Frau's famous 21-step tanning process for the softest furniture-grade leather. Remarkably, 21 hides—an incredible 100 sq m of leather--were used in each car. There is no escaping the leather, from the gear shift paddles and the roof rails to the trim of the exterior mirrors.
The one-off Infiniti Q50 and QX70 models are debuting at an exclusive Poltrona Frau event in Milan alongside the Milan Furniture Fair. Both models were made at Poltrona Frau headquarters in Tolentino, Italy. Source: Infiniti