Jeep Releases Teaser Images of New Concepts for Easter Jeep Safari

Teaser images are a dime a dozen, but we seem to be attracted to them like a moth to a flame. Chrysler Group has released two images of new concept vehicles that will be making their debut at the 2014 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah later this month. Chrysler is known for introducing new concepts at the Easter Jeep Safari, where Jeeps gather to tackle some of the most challenging trails the U.S. has to offer. This year is no different. Chrysler and Mopar have once again teamed up to create six new distinct models. However, we've only been given a glimpse of two concepts.
The first model teased is the Jeep Cherokee Dakar, which looks to add even more off-road capabilities, including aggressively treaded tires and a lifted body. Next up is the Jeep Wrangler Mojo, which utilizes a signature Mopar color, a unique front bumper, and bead-lock wheels with tough-looking tires for a more aggressive look.
Unfortunately, we only have sketches of the new models, but they give us an idea of what we can expect for the other models. There will be a total of six new models making their way to Moab, and as we get closer to the event, more information will be released. Source: Chrysler